Now I have a WordPress

My baby sister was saying she was tired of not reading my livejournal.  I didn’t think much of it, but then I was reading her blog today and really enjoyed it and thought “I should get a wordpress like my penultimate baby sister.”  I kid about calling them baby sisters, they both have a lot more experienced than me (which is meant as a compliment, you can do that to younger siblings, right?)  I cannot make such a joke about my antepenultimate baby sister.  She is near enough to me in age that she doesn’t like it when I refer to her has younger or little. 

I’ll probably still crosspost a lot to livejournal and sparkpeople and what have you.  My big sister (can’t say biggest, I guess) joined sparkpeople to make a comment on my page there but then unjoined.  I guess it creeped her out or something.  And I guess that also helped me to examine my not wanting to sign up for yet another thing.  I also have a penultimate big sister but I don’t know how much she follows people’s blogs. 

I’m a bit worried about my brain of late.  I’ve started to drop some balls.  I guess I was very short on sleep last week.  I’ve ramped up my exercise regimen and decided not to alter my diet just yet.  There is both a lot and not enough going on at work.  And I feel a lot of guilt about being a working mother as my youngest goes through a resource investigation at school.  Investigation isn’t quite the word, but it’s how it feels sometimes. 

It’s hard, when being told what a weirdo your child is, not to recall all the ways you yourself are weird.  But apart from not completing any meaningful education in my field of choice and spending my life being woefully underemployed, I turned out alright, didn’t I?


  1. Yeah, it’s hard for me to tell whether or not people are reading my blog. I hate saying “oh, yeah, by the way, where is your blog so I can read it” because it’s like saying “yeah, I don’t read your blog, tell me where it is so I can pretend like I’m going to read it” but that’s not what I mean by it. But still, I wish I kept better track of what blogs people wrote, or at least what blogs people wrote that they actually didn’t mind if I read them.

  2. Ciao Bella,

    I used to be the biggest, that’s all that counts, right? I don’t think I actually resigned from sparkpeople, but I don’t do much internet and the sparkpeople page seemed pretty intense. fits my health needs and is about all I want/need.

    So how do I sign up for RSS feed on this blog? Couldn’t quite figure it out.

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