To do this weekend

The thing I had to get done this weekend got done okay.  I had a bit of stress when I thought I’d lost a years worth of data, but it turned out that I don’t know how to read and interpret dates.  Which is more worrying? Other things I could do:

Find F4’s other shoe.  Which probably means cleaning her room.

State taxes.  The online tax system said we owe more than I want to owe, so I am going to try it on paper.

Clean up the kitchen.  This is usually F2’s job, but it has slid a bit.

Workout.  I didn’t get a real workout yesterday.  I started, but something weird happened to my knee.  Here’s hoping it was a hiccup.


  1. Cool, it’s remembering me.

    Things to do this weekend for us… There are a lot of baptisms tomorrow. And there are bills to pay.

    What’s this “F2…F4” business? Figlioli (Italian for daughters/sons)?

    See, I wouldn’t know how to count my kids. One has flown the coop, one is dead, one didn’t quite ever get born. I guess I still have only three possible designations for each of the kids at home (F1,F2 & F3 for the elder of them, for example).

    We’re going to do the Spam skit from Monty Python for the church “No Talent Show” tomorrow. Should be fun!

  2. My thing to do is to try to organize something. Everything needs organizing, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something, anything to organize.

  3. I did my taxes and found that Uta will get more from me than the feds. This surprised me and I did the calculations over again just to make sure. I hate the funny calculations Utah Taxes use.

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