Something worth waking up for

I haven’t done much on my writing in a few months. And I’ve been having a hard time getting out of bed. Part of it is the days are pretty long now, and we don’t tend to go to bed until 11 much. Our house isn’t very cool. And we’ve been working on this renovation project. And I’m pretty worried about whether I’ll get to go on vacation in August, or if something will change with my job.

I’ve been feeling less like I want to stick with the Articles of Love concept. It seemed like such a great idea at first, but I’ve had such a hard time fine tuning Chapter 2. But Chapter 1 is so good. Maybe I’m just not writing Chapter 2 about the right thing. Maybe my submission packet should be my three best chapters rather than the first 3 chapters, and I can figure out the rest if it becomes necessary. I think in Chapter 2 I needed to decide what I was writing about and not get wrapped up in the counter orthodoxy I am prone to. And in that regard, I think some of my best chapters haven’t really been written yet. So that brings up a different ball of wax.

No, better to finish chapters 1, 2 and 3.

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