I was making a comment in Relief Society a couple of weeks ago. The teacher had asked how having greater faith improves our family relationships, and I talked about that a bit, and she asked “and how did you obtain faith (to have an assurance of personal salvation). In the interested of time, I said “it just hit me over the head one day.” But I suppose there is more to it than that. And it was shortly after that I decided to do “Restore us to Sanity” for National Novel Writing Month. It will be as a memoir. The material I already had was written as a religious nonfiction book, a kind of collection of sermons which is a format I eventually rejected this summer.

There are some important differences. One is that sanity followed me into pregnancy, and that is something I had always wondered about. Also, when I thought about this book idea back in 2008, it was only 2008. Less than three years had passed since the remission of my depression and I was serving as Relief Society president. I think it wasn’t as clear to me where the story began and ended.

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