2 writing projects

I have two writing projects I want to spend time on this year.  I guess I should come up with a plan for how I will measure progress on them.  One is the non fiction book I keep talking about writing with my sister.  I am afraid I am closing on 3 years since she suggested it without much to show for. 

The other is what I hope will be the final incarnation of my Crazy Christian story. 

I feel it is reasonable to commit to 10 hours a week spent on writing projects.  If I have solid morning time, I should work on the nonfiction.  If I don’t, I’ll work on Crazy Christian. 

And the scope of the Crazy christian story is 1992-1996.  I guess that was what my original 2004 Nanowrimo covered.  No, it started much earlier and then did a huge leap across those 4 years. 

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