Not so good at completing things

As I look back over these posts, I am distressed at the recurrent theme of “this time, for reals, we’re finishing this book!”

Oh well, what else can I say?  I have made significant progress on the nonfiction project, though we’ve kind of stalled on that.  And I did hammer out an outline for my crazy Mormon book (I somehow came back to crazy Mormon since wanting to make it crazy Christian.)   Maybe it’s significantly different enough to redo for Nanowrimo.  maybe if I do all new writing for my 50k?  Maybe. 

I guess I did write a Crazy Christian story for my 2010 Nanwrimo, but it was only about 15,000 words long.  When you leave out so many specifics, there really isn’t that much to say. 

Then there’s two other ideas, writing about my elementary school years, and my weight loss journey.  But maybe I’d better do the weight loss journey at the end of the year, or at least in December.  As for the memoir, it doesn’t engage my interest as much, at least not after looking around this blog.

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