First World Problems?

Mild autism doesn’t seem like a first world problem. It’s a bit like obesity in that it’s only a problem if you live in the first world.

Yesterday we had some time between the dentist and music, which is near the school where Hekka attended kindergarten. There’s a fenced footpath between houses to the schoolyard so I parked by that and told her she could run ahead while I fed the baby. She came back in 5 min saying she didn’t see the playground and I said “It’s right on the other side of this house.” I’d taken Cedar there during her music class a few weeks before.

15 minutes later it’s about time to retrieve her for class so I carry Cedar down the path and where the playground used to be is a pile of gravel and a couple of backhoes. And no sign of Hekka. I start to wonder how far north she could have walked in 15 minutes. I started to walk around the school when she calls me from the other direction. She had also circled the school.

I was just glad to find her, of course, but tried to see if she could surmise that the playground was being replaced. It’s one of those things about PDD, they can seem sort of like they know what’s going on but will miss the relevance of certain things.

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