Writing… again

The hard part about autobiograpy is figuring out where to start and where to end, if you’re not going to go with birth and death.  It’s coming up on 9 years since I first wrote this.  I added a lot to it the year after I wrote it.  How do I make it a story about my relationship with God? 

I suppose that up until the baby died, my relationship with God was fairly straightforward.  I had made mistakes, I had repented and been forgiven.  It was when the baby died that it got weird.  A lot of people wanted me to interpret this trial as evidence of God’s faith that I could handle it.  There was a saying quite popular in cards and graphics at the time, “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”  I especially hated that one. 

So how do Iay the groundwork for this?  If I’m supposing my relationship with God was normal for a practicing Mormon…I suppose some layout of that could be useful.  It doesn’t necessarily have to come first.  Brad once said the in medias res opening would be compelling, Christmas eve 1992.  I guess it has the virtue of not having been seriously tried.  Well, I don’t recall having done so.  I always figured I’d get around to it.

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