School starts tomorrow

School starts tomorrow and I am still on the pre-nursing track.  I guess I do need to come up with a good excuse for the academic advisor for why I am taking statistics.  Or not.  I mean, it’s true I am keeping my options open in case I’m able to get in at the U of U, but I don’t know much about their admission program for the second bachelors. 

Looking at the SLCC info, I might be able to apply in June, 2014 for acceptance starting January 2015.  So that’s kind of crazy.  They also require you to be a CNA.  That’s another 12 week course, and I don’t think it’s matriculated credit. 

The U second bachelors also has a 6 month application cycle, so I’m looking at January 2015 to start Summer 2015.  So that means I could wait and take Statistics next fall if I decide I still want to.  Interesting.  And bio organic chemistry, for that matter. 

I guess the prudent thing to do would be to apply to SLCC in June 2014, and go ahead and start that program, and then Apply to the U in January 2015, and if I don’t get in at least I’m chipping away at the AAS.

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