Back to school

Today I start classes for Nursing prerequisites at SLCC. Nursing is something I’ve thought about doing since 2007, but then we relocated and I was working, and it always looked as though I had a couple of years of prerequisites ahead of me before I could even be a Nursing major. So I wound up taking a couple of semesters of GIS classes. If everything goes as I would wish, I would wind up being a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, which at the U is a doctoral program.

So the chronology is that I was thinking about my life choices in late June. Not becoming a nurse is something I don’t regret for my original bachelors, but regretting something that happened 20 years ago is different from not taking an opportunity now, apparently. Two most recent posts here explain more: Of course I talk about MPH there, but I that is closely allied with my goals that involve Nursing.

I guess I was thinking a lot about the MPH program in May, and then I was thinking about the SLP program in July, and I got registered at the U but then talking to my daughter about collegey things and contemplating my schedule (with an autistic toddler) gave me cold feet. But I still felt I should explore my online options, and I found a couple of online classes at the U (for SLP prereqs) and then I felt I should look again at the nursing program. It turned out to be simpler than what I recalled from looking at it 5 years ago. They have a second bachelors program, though the soonest I could apply to that is January 2015 (to start Summer 2015).

And then I thought that if I was trying to go online, I should look at SLCC. They have a lot of classes online, and the ones that aren’t online have sections at night. The soonest I could apply to that program, which is an AAS, would be June 2014 (to start January 2015). The second bachelors program at the U involves a couple more prereqs and they only take applications once a year.

Another consideration in all this is the relative cost, which is much less for SLCC.

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