But how do I want to get there?

I attended the PA school information session last night, and it sounds like it would be pretty tough (60 hr/wk) especially for family life.  And they started off talking about distinctions between NP and PA, even though there are job listings for either/or.  They said NPs are in the nursing “care for the patient” model and PAs are in the medical “cure the patient” model. 

I was looking around one of my usual forums to post these musings in and ran across where someone was thinking about nursing school and I asked them if they’d heard of Clinical Nurse Leader, which I had to google.  Apparently in 2007 when I was first thinking about nursing, that was a big thing in Maryland, along with what people from the east coast have said about going to a nursing master’s program without first completing a BSN.  Once my memory was jogged, I recalled they were recruiting people who had bachelors degrees in other fields, though there were some healthcare prereqs.

This caused me to give the MSN programs that to exist in Utah another look.  But we’ll see.  As I’ve mentioned here and there, I have a toddler with autism spectrum disorder, and a PA school run will kind of depend on whether he starts talking in the next 6 months.  He’s made a lot of progress in the last 3. 

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