Opioid Excess theory

I was surprised that my nutrition textbook said there was some evidence for Gluten Free Casein Free diet (GFCF). There are studies, though the methodology is disputed, especially by the pediatrics establishment. What I learned about it today makes me willing to try a dietary change for a few reasons. 1) As I understand it, we shouldn’t need to be utterly GFCF to see any benefit, while a lot of the Gluten Free movement in society more generally makes a big stink that you can’t have a speck or you’re back to square one. I was not willing to eliminate gluten AND casein on this basis. But I can do my best to come up with alternative sources of carb, protein and calcium. 2) My kids’ tuning out and retreating behavior is consistent with a concept of opioid excess. 3) Me and my middle child have a marked preference for sweets, also could indicate opioid sensitivity. It goes with the lability characteristic of ASD. In other news Cedar has been humming some recognizable tunes. We thought the Dr. Who song might be wishful thinking, but the Timmy Time recess tune was clearer and now he does the chorus of “I am a Child of God.” What’s interesting is these seem to be fairly complex.

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