Gender, autism and the corpus callosum

I heard a couple of things in anatomy classes having to do with the corpus callosum that I thought were pretty interesting. My lab instructor said that Kim Peek, the inspiration for Rain Main, had no corpus callosum. Though it turns out he had FG syndrome which is an x linked condition. I guess we could call that a know etiology that might be mistaken for autism, and who knows how many things we lump with autism that may be like that. The other thing that was in my textbook was that women have more mass in their corpora callosa than men. When I was assuming Kim Peek was autistic, this seemed significant relative to what some scientists call a “protective effect” being female has for autism. I guess it still might be. Though what I observe in my children (and myself?) could be more a disruption in communication between motor and sensory, anterior and posterior in the brain rather than left and right. Though there are also correllaries to the Wernicke and Broca areas in the (generally speaking) right brain that code emotion and stuff. I should really go back and reread that paper about motor neurons and intent now that I know my way around the brain better. Here’s some links I was chasing down that I may come back to in my spare time (heh). (this was used as a reference on wikipedia, but I googled the scientists)

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