Normal Psychology

normal I’m taking Abnormal Psychology this semester, and something fairly important I learned is that positive psychology is a research based field that seeks to describe functional behaviors, which is kind of what I’m about.  Hmm.  I thought I wrote something about it but I’m having trouble finding it.  Ah, hid it on my Maintenance Blog.

I’ve been talking with folks on sakeriver forum about biology and consciousness.  On thing they talked about is computers reprogramming themselves and people changing their values.  I was thinking about this relative to aligning my values with my desired outcomes in possible hoarding disorder.

It’s an interesting use of agency, and gets back to what I sometimes talk about relative to being like my mother or not.  Later in life, away from the stressors of living with my father and many dependent children, my mother has overcome some of her hoarding behaviors.  She still buys things she doesn’t need which she has no place for, but she’s not as overwhelmed with clutter.

I was looking into the multiple mini interview format this week and fell into some stuff on BIg 5 personality inventory and personality theory.  It’s pretty vague, but maybe it’s a starting point.

Maybe it’s time to roll up the dozen blogs and focus on one about being me.

P.S.  It occurs to me that the image of what a person is like that we get from the media is a bit like a barbie doll.  Attractive, but completely unrealistic.


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