Numbers don’t make you happy

I was trying to fit some things together between lifespan weight management and positive psychology this morning.  One of the positive psychology points was “Money makes an ever-diminishing contribution to well-being, but money can buy happiness if it is spent on other people”.  I suppose “don’t make you happy” is a gross simplification, but applying this to weight, it’s a big issue in making the shift from weight loss to maintenance.  If weight loss doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it?

WIth money you can spend it on other people.  How could this be applied to weight?  It isn’t the weight but what it allows us to do, apart from fitting into a different size.  I guess living longer, having more energy

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  1. I like to help other people gain weight. This is because I like to make bread. Cookies. More bread. ALL THE BREAD. Losing weight is a goal of mine, but I need it to be less about the number (which depending on body fat vs. muscle weight can be huge and misleading) and more about the levels of fitness, stamina and such.

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