Who made them the color guard?

Toad So I found my VHS of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou and we watched it last night, and looking back I think one of the things smart*** folks (who say we come descended from monkeys) like about the Coen Brothers is that their ensembles defy neat personality rubrics.  There’s no lion, beaver & golden retriever clearly evident.  Oh, sure, you can pick a character who is the most lion-like of the bunch.

But the people don’t have personalities so much as they have lives.  And just when you think you know a guy, you find out something quite distasteful, or alternatively, redemptive about him.  As Everett would say, “It’s a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human hear.”

My husband still doesn’t believe me that the guy with sunglasses is the devil.  Where it gets confusing, I guess, is if you sort of know the odyssey, what does this have to do with that?  It was Poseidon who hunted Ulysses from island to island.  Is it more than the dream of a school boy punctuated with snippets from a lecture?  My son mentioned that it was set in the same time as To Kill a Mockingbird, which brings up some interesting comparisons.  Not for me, of course, since I never had that in school somehow.  I should watch the movie, at least.

Image: http://www.cottonfloozy.com/2011/07/mama-floozys-movie-quote-friday-o.html

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