Novice to Expert

Dreyfus model

Today’s nursing lesson presented the evolution of nursing from Nightingale to Benner.  I had to see who they would present as a modern counterpoint to Nightingale, and it turns out to be someone who applied something called the Dreyfus model, pictured above, to nursing.  While the wikipedia article mentions criticism that there’s no empirical evidence of these qualities, I recognized some of the neurocognitive domains from the DSM5 (also found in the neurodevelopmental disorders).

What I find really interesting about this is that learning begins at our “highest” level, in the executive functions (Judgment), we determine it is right to accept an idea into our mental framework.  Then we learn to pick it out on a multiple choice test, then to write a short answer (recognition vs. recall).  We may need to demonstrate the ability to do this thing (praxis is like muscle memory).  And then we move into being able to apply the information to new situations, and become part of the thing as much as it is a part of us (flow).

NCDs x Dreyfus

Or you can just skip to the end and say walk the talk.

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