The soul is a thicket

tumbleweed4 So says The Emporer’s Soul.  There is much more to a person than anyone or themselves can perceive, we necessarily select what to notice.

In 2001 Fred Rogers said “I believe that appreciation is a holy thing, that when we look for what’s best in the person we happen to be with at the moment, we’re doing what God does; so in appreciating our neighbor, we’re participating in something truly sacred.”

Alternately we can attend to problems in others, or ourselves.  This is the danger is labelling, focusing on a defect.  We seem wired on some level to do this.  Behavioral inventories often end with the question “what do you like best about your child” to try and combat the effect of labelling.  Really, we should go further than that.

I guess there will be children who do have problem upon problem, that a holistic inventory would not serve.  That’s kind of the trick with autism, is it spans roughly half of the six neurocognitive domains (language, socioemotional, sensorimotor, attention, memory & executive function.)

Some areas are increased – many people with autism have good attention and memory.  Some of the disorders are excesses rather than deficits, as with sensory alterations or executive function in autism.

Each of these branches have branches.  Take language, with semantics, morphology, syntax, phonology and pragmatics, where it crosses over with socioemotional.  I guess, really, the various branches are all crosovers, semantics with memory, morphology with sense, phonology with motor, or something like that.

So while we think we know brain functions follow locations in the brain, I’m also intrigued with the possibility that the domains dwell in the layers of cortex, and there are loci of intersection.  This idea is most suggested to me by the findings that people with autism have areas of disorganization between their cortical layers.  It raises hope that we are not missing things, we just aren’t sure where they’re kept.

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