Autism Potty Training Step Zero


I have decided it is time to try potty training Cedar when school gets out this week (we live in a crazy place).  I mean, maybe the universe will try to derail this in some way, but I’m out of excuses not to.  Part of the credit goes to Autism Daddy since I just read his blog about it today, and I recognized that I have this system stashed away in my Cedar binder from when we were enrolled in RethinkFirst.

And honestly, 5 is not that late for the kids in our family.  I love that we spaced our kids 3 years apart in most respects, but it did mean I was pregnant during when they were of an age likely to be trained, and my own sensory issues were amplified.  Looking back, it’s interesting to see that one kid succeeded through reward, one succeeded through withholding privileges (screentime), and one had modelling at daycare that worked.  Training can involve all and each of these things.  Each child has their own code to crack.

It will require dedication, several days where you don’t have a lot of other plans.  We’re going to start off with 10 minute intervals.  The exhausting part there is he doesn’t urinate often and is prone to constipation.  But there are lots of things he’s willing to drink in excess if provided.  I just don’t know if I want to use soda as a reinforcer.

He has been watching Potty Time (a Signing Time production) so that should help.  I think I will secure a pinwheel for our particular reinforcer.  That’s what we used when we were doing RethinkFirst exercises.

I’m not sure about whether to get cloth underwear or not.  Both Grandmothers say it’s a must.  But finding them could be my first issue, and I don’t know if I’m up for the financial investment (for padded cotton training pants).

A page with the additions to this chronicle.

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