Should I rejoin Costco?

volume-conservationPure maple syrup:  Yes, I miss it, but I guess we aren’t properly middle class at this stage in our lives.  We don’t have Netflix or Costco, but when I saw Krazy Coupon Lady’s 19 unbeatable deals only at Costo, I wondered if she might talk me into it.

  1.  Maple Syrup:We make syrup with 1 part water, 1 part sugar, and 1 part brown sugar.  Sometimes we make a fruit syrup with the dregs from jam bottles.  It doesn’t have the complex overtones of pure maple, but it’s always hot.
  2. Cooking spray: don’t use really.  One set of nonstick pans we bought said not to use it.
  3. Applesauce squeezes: What?
  4. Vanilla extract: For environmental reasons, I’m okay with imitation.  My husband still buys real, but who does more cooking?
  5. Taco seasoning:  We still have the can of this from when we got married 26 years ago.  We would buy cinnamon, but Costco’s “Saigon” cinammon seems kind of weak.
  6. Nutella:  We get small jars for special occasions.     We already have weight struggles, so I don’t see an unlimited supply of this as a plus.
  7. Stretch fruit:  Wouldn’t buy anyway, bad for teeth.  I would buy gummy vites, though.
  8. Cat litter: Not my 1st world problem.
  9. Active dry yeast: I am a breadmaker. So much so that I get my bread stuff at an actual wholesale warehouse for that.
  10. Construction paper: My children are deprived. Also, you use like 4 of the colors. I guess Halloween stays popular to use up orange, brown, and black.
  11. Organic Spinach:  I’m not really into spinach, but I do miss the tub o’ mushrooms.  They used to disappear fast like the nutella, but I was less concerned about the endocrine footprint of those binges.
  12. Cheese: Before the cheese glut, this was more compelling. Mozzarella, in particular, was good, but my husband is always trying to eat paleo so I seldom make pizza anymore.
  13. Cakes:  I would only buy one of these if I had an “I Love Lucy” day that coincided with a cake need.  We score half price cakes at our local grocery store sometimes.
  14. Rotisserie Chicken: My husband doesn’t like these. We miss the turkey burger, though. My husband doesn’t like that either but me and the kids like it enough to offset that. The RC as a fast, kind of nice dinner doesn’t work for us, though. Pricing these by the pound highlights a problem with Costco: portion size inflation.
  15. String Cheese: This falls in the same category as Nutella. It gets eaten so fast you are basically dividing your savings by zero.
  16. Peanut butter:  You got me on this one, though I bought the Kirkland’s natural instead of Adams.
  17. Carters:  We actually do still buy jammies for our kid who has autism, though he’s out of their size range, and gerbers from Amazon are cheaper.
  18. Gift cards: We did sometimes get these, but they tended to be in higher increments than we would have gotten. Another offset between unit cost and net price, like the chicken.
  19. Hot dogs:  Would you believe my husband thinks hot dogs are the very devil?  I did sometimes get the slice pizza or fro yo.

Other things I would still get at Costco if I could afford to be picky:

  • Classico pasta sauce
  • Muffins: Mostly bad for you, but actully decent portion control if eaten by 1/4s.
  • TP
  • Breath rite strips used to be a thing for my husband.  But when we quit I bought him a six pack online, and he still hasn’t gotten through them.

Necessities we can’t get at Costco:

  • Kid with autism needs training pants without velcro.  Only one local grocer still has these.
  • Frozen mixed vegetables (beans, peas, carrots and corn).
  • Yogurt without getting stuck with a row of blueberry.
  • Yellow bananas and the one thing that keeps Costco from taking over the world.


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