Louise and Ian at Tanagra

I’ve avoided watching Arrival because I had learned enough to know the death of the protagonist’s child figures into it (this is laid out in the opening minutes of the film).  But spoilers are likely to follow.

I am left so sad.  Because of the problems I know the death of a child causes between two people.  It suggests certain loss of a child may deepen appreciation for them.  

As a mother who lost their only (at the time) child, to me it seems characteristic that she alone showed up for work the day after the arrival.  For everyone else, it is an index day, but for her who lives with a perceived grief, why would she not show up to work?

And yet I’m interested to the struggle to communicate that I experience with my autistic children.  “They can’t follow our algebra, but complex behaviors clicks.”

They cheat a bit by having Sapir Whorf brought up by Ian, possibly in a dream.  Louise’s response is… agnostic.

And then there’s Hannah.  Sure it’s a palindrome, but Louise would know the meaning of it is Grace, particularly poignant in the story of Samuel’s mother.  Again, a child born to be given up.

But I feel so bad for Ian.

P.S.  My husband says maybe she doesn’t say the thing he can’t handle.  But that seems at odds with her embracing the journey knowing how it ends.

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