Spinner frame from junk

SpinnerI’m cheap, so I ordered one kid an actual spinner that had prime shipping so it would be here for birthdays, and then I also ordered a spinner frame and a set of bearings which were much cheaper and took a couple weeks to arrive.

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Problem was, the set was 3 bearings, and you need 4 to make one of these things really go.  By now I had realized these are skateboard bearings, and there is a skate shop in our neighborhood so I went over to get another bearing.

Problem 2, they come in 8s.  But Cedar was having a meltdown so I took the cheapest ones they sold which were $11.  And we put one in his spinner, but now I have 7 more bearings.  You can order them for less online, but then you have to wait for them to arrive and this fad could be over by then!

I thought I might make a spinner frame from hot glue using the blister pack the birthday spinner came with.  But as I was rooting around in my kids room, I saw one of these crepe foam letters and decided to try with that.  It’s super fast and easy.

By an eerie stroke of luck, we have a dowel the exact size of a skateboard axle in our utility closet.  (It was bought for clamming but was too heavy for that purpose, and has just been hanging around for years).  The junk spinner frame works wonderfully with that.

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