Either very smart or very dumb

I had a couple of thoughts as I had my anti-nap yesterday.  One is that synthetic intelligence requires multiple functions, say 3, so language and social cognition and attention.  This would be true of what I’d deem strong AI, which is intelligence capable of emergent property formation, but also in the “programming” of the autistic child (which ABA proponents say is absent the chaos of free will, hence a “natural science”.)

Thus I propose Applied Behavioral Synthesis?  Or anti lock braking system.  I may even want to bail on Applied, going back to the struggle between applied and theoretical linguistics.  Reality would be Post Holistic Behavioral Synthesis.  (Post in the sense that holism is an Neurotypical centric assumption of what it means to be whole).

And then there’s the 3 degrees of support.  The DSM 5 phrases it with examples of speech level.  I think a motivational breakdown is better, and reflects the reality that someone can seem very functional when doing things of their own choosing, and deficits appear when they have to function within another’s expectations.  This is crucial for the person with high functioning autism because their risk of stress diathesis crisis is so extreme (as reflected in the research on Broader Autism Phenotype and suicidality.

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