All of my children are Autistic, more or less

The “more or less” is because the first of our five died as a wee baby, so we don’t actually know. Three are diagnosed, and the other identifies as autistic but has an ADHD-I dx as well.

An important point about high functioning autism is that even though they can pass for neurotypical a lot of the time, this effort subjects them to increased stressors such that suicide becomes the second post prevalent cause of death after med-related degenerative disease.  That’s not to mention lesser crises such as quitting jobs, relationships, or school.

We signed up for one of those gene studies but haven’t gotten around to sending our samples back in.  I kind of doubt they will find anything that would lead to eugenics type interventions.

The question is how many of our siblings and cousins are autistic?  I think it becomes important to weigh functional level.  Most people don’t do as well in life as they might like to, but if one is able to support themselves and maintain social supports and not hurt themselves or other people, that’s what I generally mean by functional.

I love my kids.  I don’t get through my days hoping this or that about them will be different in the resurrection.  (One of my siblings could be said to think everyone is going to be more autistic in the resurrection.)  I guess my youngest who doesn’t seem on track to get baptized at the usual age (8 in our church), we do wonder if we’re doing enough for him.

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