How Autistic am I?

I tend to characterize myself as having Broader Autism Phenotype.  Traits of Autism.  Other times I’ve wondered if I have more the Repetitive/Restricted Interests prong and then my kids got elements of Social Communication prong from their father- why the majority of our children meet ASD criteria, while our 39 genetic nieces and nephews have one other diagnosed case.

Diagnosis involves meeting criteria, but also function impact and whether an individual is distressed by the criteria and impacts.  I have a brother who didn’t have children.  He feels his autistic traits are inherent to his intelligence.

I suppose that may be the case.  I believe I have a better than average memory, with a lot of visual content.  Is it photographic memory?  I don’t know.  I don’t know what it would be like to not think in images.  But I don’t remember everything.

Then there’s the question of other disorders, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, or personality disorders.  I’m increasingly of the opinion ASD is primary with other disorders secondary.  But that has a lot to do with how many children with Autism I’m raising.

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