St. Paul vs. Boyd K. Packer

St. PeterThat must have been an interesting day at the pearly gates.  St. Peter probably said “I go a-fishing.  Call me when the dust settles.”

Paul:  So God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle?

Packer:  You said “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man”

Paul: So was Adam a sinner?

Packer:  Am I in the right place?

Mormons hold that Adam did not sin in eating the fruit (and neither did Eve, who was deceived by Lucifer).  But it was a transgression.  Some call it a wise choice (both by Eve and by Adam).  They exercised agency.  I get a little uncomfortable with the part where folks cross into saying it was God’s plan all along that they transgress.  But I kind of have issues with “God’s plan” and how it intersects with agency.

God’s plan is that we have agency.  But I guess my definition of plan is weird somehow.  Lately I’ve been thinking about how so much of our teaching about God’s plan for us and each of us having a divine mission in life all comes, quite naturally, from the folks who wind up behind the pulpit.  It is easy for them to say they can see how their divine mission lined up with God’s plan from behind the teleprompter.

My mission in life was apparently to have 4 autistic children, one of whom so far has left the church behind.  Is this about sin or a transgression?  Many of our fellow believers declare, regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, that “God doesn’t make mistakes” (such as putting a male spirit in a female body, or vice versa.).

All I’m saying is that breaking a commandment doesn’t mean anyone did anything “wrong”.  Well, maybe it does, but we may not be able to neatly sort out in this life, or in 7 thousand years of written history following, who precisely did what wrong.  Maybe God’s perfection is not in nothing every going wrong, but in being able to make everything all right in the end.

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