European Union COVID-19 totals

500px-Map_of_the_Schengen_Area.svgThe intent of the European Union was to create a partnership of states that would have a common currency and freedom of travel to promote prosperity in line with the United States.  The Schengen Area represents this latter principle, a group of entities that permits mutual travel without a passport.  It largely overlaps the EU, but includes a few places like the Vatican that aren’t part of the EU, and doesn’t include a handful of states (in gold) transitioning in.

The Schengen Area not only allows free movement within its members, it requires heightened border security with non member states.  While some ascribed the US travel ban to the Schengen area as nationalistic unpleasantness, it does have some theoretical foundation.  Though by allowing air travel from the UK, we may have doomed them (and New York) to being critical pathways for smuggling.

The Schengen area has over 20k total deaths, 483 deaths per day, (starting from the first day a death was detected, which was 42 days ago in France).  and 49 deaths per million people.  So.  That’s good for the US,, who’s figures are 2k, 38/day and 7 deaths per million, but it probably means we didn’t actually win “the medal race” in any Olympics this century.

Numbahs: Schengen Area

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