Day 100 of 2020


In current deaths per day (just the reported, undercounted numbers) COVID is the leading killer (line 19).  Of course it hasn’t been like that everyday, so what does it average out to?  In deaths per day for these first 100 days, it would edge out kidney disease and suicide.

The deaths per day from the deadliest European countries (lines 13-16) move it as high as sixth in deaths per million.  This is not “for the first 100 days”, this is if no one else died. But the models tend to predict a decrease symmetric to the increase.

I guess I’ll look at South Korea and see if the decreasing curve really mirrors the increasing curve.  Though South Korea has never had more than 10 deaths in a day.

sources CDC for causes of death in the US and Worldmeters for cv:

day 100

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