Quick Sunday

When I was very little, probably still 4 but maybe 5, I asked my mom if it was quick Sunday.  My church has fast Sunday the first week of each month, except it sometimes gets moved if there’s a church conference, which used to almost always be around Daylight time shifts, but then the government started moving those around.

On fast Sunday we fast, and give additional offerings to benefit the hungry, and our weekly observance of the Lord’s supper has extemporaneous testimony time instead of prepared talks.  I guess April was conference so I didn’t miss this aspect of gathering with the congregation.

I’m kind of an introvert.  I don’t dislike people, and I have an outgoing side, but I thrive on solitude and quieter interactions.  In positive psychology they say that the happiest people are intensely social, which kind of concerned me, though they do grant other modes of positivity exist besides what Martin Seligman deems “Hollywood Happiness”.

But since I’ve been 46 I’ve realized that gathering with people,especially at church can be an oasis of peace when I’m depressed.  Like when my youngest was in the NICU, or when we had to study perinatal complications in nursing school.  Or last fall when I tried a new medicine and it made my anxiety worse.  It was good to be around people and feel their courage and their spirit.  The church is not all of the gospel, but it is something the Lord gives us for support when life is heavy.

And I guess through this pandemic, while there are things now and then that freak me out, all in all I am very glad I’m not going through some of these things that have been low spots for me in the past.  I have been taking my iron, so there’s that.

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