Coronavirus is a stealthy bastard


Research into coronavirus’ interaction with the immune system reveals why it is spread by apparently asymptomatic carriers.  Let’s call them cryptosymptomatic, because people are not unaffected by the infection.  Most of the “flu like” symptoms we associate with illness (fever, aching, and GI distress) are triggered by interferon, a protein which coronavirus subverts, while proceeding to multiply in the lungs.

Of the symptoms in the above graphic, only shortness of breath and fatigue might be present.  This impaired gas exchange does affect levels of consciousness and blood chemistry (including clotting) and the dreaded but not widely understood inflammation. More diabolically, it could cause you to breathe faster, and spread the virus more.

Obviously some people get flu like symptoms eventually, because there comes a point that the body figures out something’s going down.  Bodies that are already dealing with heart disease, diabetes, and aging will tip into crisis faster.  But the blood chemistry effects aren’t good for anyone, including children.

‘It’s something I have never seen’: How the Covid-19 virus hijacks cells

Thanks to Victoria Fisher for sharing this article with me.

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