Things that I know that I know about sleep for me

1. I only use caffeine on work shifts 80 mg per 12-hour shift taken in the middle

2 I take 1mg of melatonin if I want less than 3 hours of sleep in the liquid tincture

3 I take 50mg of trazodone if I have more than 3 hours to dedicate to sleep

4 I only need an average of 6 hours of sleep a night otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work Graves v i do switch back to a day schedule largely between grave runs

6 since my hospitalization in 1992 I’ve always been fanatical about defending my bedtime

I didn’t actually use sleep aids for the first two years that I was working as a nurse I’ve only had to start doing that since my anxiety issues in August.  But I took an afternoon nap regularly back then.

There’s also Seroquel &. Gabapentin  I used the latter but a lot of people do. Neither of these are benzodiazepines which are the habit forming sleep aids, similar alcohol to or opiates.

And I don’t have the caffeine within 6 hours of expecting to go to sleep.  As an Asian I have cyp considerations with xanthines.  My need for sleep decrease correlates with stopping eating chocolate 15 years ago.

PS there’s also antihistamines but they tend to dry out your body but you could take diphenhydramine and combine it with some ibuprofen and that would be over the counter.  I’ve had paradoxical effect sometimes but not usually.  This also happened with a GABA supplement my inlaws tout, but I only gave that one try.

One more thing is the trazodone when you first take it will make you feel like crap the day after Seroquel will also do this but you kind of get used to them after a few days

Or you may be having hypomania due to approaching the solstice.  I also eat meals of the same size at the same times depending on if it’s a grave shift day or not.

I don’t have total mastery over sleep.  When I worked Sun Mon graves and Friday day last summer, that was taxing.  I hated waking at 6 on Friday soooo much.

The anxiety in the season that followed was related to perimenopause and anemia as well as a couple of legal issues.

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