Possible pathophysiology of Long Haul COVID syndrome

I wouldn’t normally go to a Fox news article but if this is what the extreme right have to say about Long Haul COVID it’s probably true. Also, growing up in DC I believed the Fox bureau there has to provide some actual journalism to compete. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/today-is-day-93-people-report-experiencing-covid-19-symptoms-that-last-for-months

Symptoms the article reports: chronic elevated temperature, peripheral nerve symptoms, chronic fatigue, peripheral swelling and skin lesions, Tachycardia, circulatory shunting, vital organ inflammation, sleep and concentration disturbances.

These overlap with some of the panoply of symptoms of mitochondrial disease: Chronic fatigue, loss of mental acuity, vital organ dysfunction, neurological problems, autonomic disturbances, and diabetes (leading to peripheral neuropathy and lesions). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrial_disease#Signs_and_symptoms

Why would this be happening? Even in paucisymptomatic COVID cases, the virus attacks the lungs leading to “happy hypoxia” with imbalances of oxygen and CO2 that would be considered critical if detected in a medical situation. The role of oxygen in the body is as a final electron receptor in mitochondrial metabolism. The tissues that are most rich in mitochondria are the liver and the platelets. It’s probably too early to know what mayhem COVID may be wreaking on the liver, but platelet dysfuction is evident in the clotting and strokes seen in younger and younger people with COVID.

So here I’ll just dump the links of all my previous blogs about mitochondria:

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And I guess that’s it for this blog. I have at least one blog that is dedicated to Mitochondria and degenerative disease.

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