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Day 3
Today was different in a couple of respects.  We went on an extended outing (lunch and then library) and then I took a nap in the afternoon.  And he woke my from my nap making a ishhhh sound (approximating urination?) and so I took him to the bathroom and he had a BM.  So while he didn’t tinkle in the potty at all today (and had 4 wet diapers), he hasn’t made BM in a diaper since… Friday?  And he initiated.  So that’s huge.  He also woke up dry this morning.  But with the aberrations mentioned, we went 16 times today (same as yesterday) and 24 on Saturday (day 1).

Tomorrow we have a dentist appointment in the morning (me and another child) so that will change things a bit, and we’ll go to the school district summer lunch.  Being out in the heat, I let him have all the juice he wanted this afternoon, so that probably didn’t help matters today.  He’s also been saying something similar to “tinkle”.  And in the late afternoon he really felt he deserved some chocolate chips.  (it had been 3 rounds since his success that got chips).  So I felt that might possibly have been a productive discussion.

I resorted to letting him stand in the tub twice, both when he first woke up and then before we changed him into clothes to go places.  But I washed him a couple of other times that he didn’t go (not surprising since he had a wet diaper) due to him reaching into the toilet.