Month 2

I went ahead and ordered cotton pants, and became somewhat lackadaisical about pottying, plus I was starting a new job July 5.  Though when Cedar said diaper or potty we’d go and he’d sit and not do anything, and then later go in his disposable training pants, and that’s how it was up through last Thursday.  (Which I guess was still 6/30)

Then he tinkled in the potty in the afternoon.  But we went on a roadtrip through the 5th.  Then last night (7/6) I put him on at bedtime and he tinkled and we rewarded him.

Today (7/7) he said diaper so I brought him upstairs and he tinkled on the potty.  So that’s very exciting.  But we’ll see how it goes.  Is it a bad idea to bring on the cotton pants just now? (as they have finally arrived at the store we ordered them to.)  I guess we’ll give it a few days.  I have a pack of disposables after all.  With the new job I don’t even know what he does when I’m not around, though it looks like he had a shower when I got back from work today.

7/10 He tinkled in the potty at my in laws house, so 50% of successful operations since Father’s day have been there.  I joked we might have to move in.  We have not started the cotton pants, and may wait until after this week, which is my job’s annual convention.  So I’m not going to be around as much as I would regularly expect.

7/16 with my convention and a clinical assessment over, I decided to pick up the training pants, only to find they had returned them and refunded my money.  I ordered them on June 28 and they arrived July 6 (after being promised for the 4th… which I get, but I didn’t ask for the 4th, they said it would be the 4th.)  So they sent them back on the 14th.  Well, my work from home situation should allow me to take him every two hours and hopefully that will be enough.  He did tinkle in the toilet today (first time since the 10th.)  Mostly, he sees sitting on the potty as a positive event and one that can catch my attention from whatever I’m doing a few times a day.  I’m not sure if that’s good or not.  Probably some of each.

7/17  Cedar was dry this morning, and while he went in his (disposable) training pants around lunchtime, later he asked for the potty and actually used it (#1.)  I guess we’ll try now before bed.  Tomorrow we’ll start on the breaks and lunch schedule.  He went again for bedtime!  Meant we had to really brush his teeth good since he had m&ms, but still!

7/23 And after that, he has developed a preference for whizzing in the tub.  It’s hard to know what to do, because he identifies that he needs to go (by saying diaper or potty) and then we go in and he sits on the toilet while I count to 60 and then he goes and stands in the tub and pees.  I think he’s done it once or twice a day like 4 days.  He asks about chocolate, and I say “no tinkle, no chocolate” after the toilet.  Or “tinkle in the potty, chocolate” when he’s gone in the tub.  But I haven’t given him a treat for going in the tub.  He also usually goes in 3 small bursts.