Try, try, try

Autism Toilet Training day 4:

Today was a bit of a crazy day.  Cedar woke up dry.  I set him on the potty, and then let him tinkle in the tub.  I have mostly done that so he learns what tinkle is.  But I didn’t put him back in the tub the rest of the day.  He had two soiled diapers, though.  The first was while I was gone to the dentist.  It’s possible he tried to wake me up for the second, but I didn’t think it could possibly be that again.  😛

I was napping again because I’ve been waking up before 5.  I guess this process has been making me anxious?  We were out in the heat a lot again, and so I let him drink a lot again, and he had wet diapers in the evening again.  But he started keeping dry later on, and then…

Tinkle in the potty right before bed!  Yay!  Chocolate chips all around!  Though now I don’t have an excuse to give up.