Week 3

6/13 Days 7 & 8 we were camping, and day 9 was my birthday.  Though on each of these days we did check in with the potty, either he asked to go and I took him (at the campground, which was a nice clean KOA) or at home Sunday.  But we had a houseguest and it was my birthday and more family came over so I took a chance attacking it Monday.

But Monday has started well with him using the toilet to tinkle, but now he seems to have a fever so we’ll probably go more like 2 hours between.

6/14 The last two days Cedar has had fever/fatigue (nothing else, thankfully?)and loss of interest in food other than popsicles.  (we got him some frozen fruit for today).  So he’s only sat 2 x yesterday and 1 x so far today.  That isn’t a lot to report, but I really wanted this to be a faithful report of my experience, and I guess these blogs keep me accountable, too.

6/17 Cedar seems to be back to himself pretty well by today.  Yesterday he seemed pretty good and didn’t nap, but wasn’t pouncing.  Today he is pouncing.  Yesterday we used the potty 3 times.  He had some success in the morning but not later on.

He’s been twice today, both times dry but nothing happened.  The second time he said “diaper” though.  I should probably take him now…
it turned out to be a pretty good day.  He did do both in his kid pants 5 minutes after we’d tried sitting on the potty.  Other than that he’s been dry.

At the end of the day I decided to give him three chocolate chips for being dry.  That may be the end of us.  It means I’ll have to be consistent from now on.  He is saying “dry”, though.

6/19 Something I’d wondered when I started was how this would work when Cedar sometimes goes 12 hours between #1.  Saturday was like that.  He sat like 4 times, whenever we left the house.  He went one time in the potty.

Then today he tells me potty, and went at my in laws.  Fortunately there was chocolate chips available.  He said potty again right after but I suspected he was after more chips.  He was wet a coupl hous later, so maybe I was wrong.  (Tub in am, soiled while I made lunch, otherwise dry.)

I did wonder again about cloth, thought I dread the mess, then realized what Piper taught about dread and success.