Week 4

6/22 Cedar asked to go yesterday.  I am afraid I hadn’t taken him yet until afternoon as I was on my period and recovering from wedding weekend.  He didn’t actually do anything, but us going and trying is interesting.  He went #1 on the toilet at my in laws house on Sunday, is the last time.  So I guess three weeks to set a habit does work for him.

6/26 Thing have gotten to be a bit of a mess.  At this point it seems like Cedar is just telling me after the fact about “tinkle” or “diaper”.  It looks like I’ll be starting a job, and maybe once that’s a little more certain (I’ve had an offer and they are working on a background check) maybe I will spring for the cotton pants.  He hasn’t actually put anything in the potty in a week, I don’t think.  It was kind of a crazy week with a friend’s wedding and people from out of town and then I had lab (8 hours) on Saturday.  But we’re going several times a day, just not very organized or tracking.