The Faces of BAP


Star Trek science officers illustrate how a variety of souls can present one kind of social interaction style.  People assume that if you are not demonstratively emotional or empathetic, you do not have these things.  But that has only ever been true of Data (up through First Contact, anyway).

Vulcans like Spock and T’pol practice emotional restraint precisely because they have dangerously powerful emotions (with the 2009 reboot Spock experiencing meltdowns as a convenient plot point.)

Dax is an interesting case, having a 300 year old symbiont who lives inside her.  She has so much going on inside her that interactions with regular people have an aloof quality.  She is perpetually synthesizing experiences, with the past often a rich vein of exploration.  When she is with people she knows, she opens up considerably.

Seven of Nine (like Kes before her) combines an experiential innocence with extraordinary mental ability.  Similar to Data, she frequently requires instruction with what we might call social stories.

So people may have strengths in a variety of mental areas, but if that area is not social interaction, they get pegged as geeks or nerds.

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