Diet and ASD

I have an odd history with diet.  I am a recovering orthorexic, and wonder if it is why my second youngest is so affected.  In my efforts to eat ideally during that pregnancy, I lost 6 pounds in one month.  Since then I have been loathe to go on any extreme diet.  But I have been interested in the theories behind nutritional interventions for mental variations like ASD.

Wheat for man Cellular physiology can have different goals from vascular physiology where oxidative stress is concerned.  But gluten probably does allow toxins and irritants to enter the gut, so if you eat it you need to eat clean.

Wheat belly makes one good point A cereal chemist’s critique of Wheat Belly dismantles every objection but one, which turns out to involve my white whale: Superoxide Dismutase.

Autism and mitochodria Inflammation and oxidative stress are helped along by inactivity.  One thing that has tracked the rise of autism is screen time.

Depression is an allergic reaction to bad science writing I unpack the inflammation/ allergy/ mental condition reporting.

Opioid Excess Theory In a pre nursing nutrition class, I read that GFCF has shown some effect.  I look closing into the theory underlying GFCF diet.

The following semester I had bio-organic chemistry, and decided the idea of Opioids being boosted by the components of glutens didn’t add up.

Coming into a nursing education with autism on my mind, I have concluded the best way to eat is the DASH diet, originally devised for Hypertension but also effective in reducing oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin resistance (cell membrane blockade).  If you are inclined to cut out a lot of foods, I’m partial to the theory that a FODMAPS free diet is going to outperform GFCF.