I went through this before but can’t find the memo book I used.  Cedar tended to be about 3 months late.  I did note him cruising at 11 months and he was crawling by then.  I have him sitting unassisted at 7.  Still looking for walking.  There were words he said at various times, but then he stops. [including “it’s okay” when I picked him up in the middle of the night around 10 months old].  standing at 14 months.  Walking at 16 months.  [These notes were relative to diagnostic meetings, which started with the pediatrician around 18 months, with Cedar not pointing.]

Cedar seems to be counting, which is super cute. He doesn’t really talk, but he started chattering (it’s like babbling but sounds purposive and has intonation to it, similar to spacepook though I’m not sure whether it was at the same age.) He has a few words at a time, like go and uh-oh, but as has been the case over the last year he has two or three at a time, then retires one to start saying something else. P.S. The counting sounds like “uh, doo, rhee, or.” He counts up and back.

He’s been babbling more the last couple months and humming.  He used to hum the Dr. Who theme, and then he was humming the recess song from Timmy time (the show is only animals baa ing, woofing, or meowing etc. they think the fox says yip yip yow.)  I’ve taken to singing him the same lullabys when I put him down, “The Sandman” for nap and “Brahm’s lullaby” for bed, and I swear he hummed a few bars of Brahms the other night.

He also kind of counts.  I think it’s hopeful that he’s just approaching language grammar first instead of lexically, but we’ll see.