In other news Cedar has been humming some recognizable tunes. We thought the Dr. Who song might be wishful thinking, but the Timmy Time recess tune was clearer and now he does the chorus of “I am a Child of God.” What’s interesting is these seem to be fairly complex.

For a while Cedar was singing the “OREO” march from Wreck it Ralph/Wizard of Oz.  That was really cute.  But like other things, he did it for a while, then stopped.

March 13 2014
Theory of mind (the understanding that not everyone is experiencing what they are experiencing) is also something children in general have to grow into.  Cedar scores low on that, but the other day he showed me that he had hurt his hand, which is apparently one of the signs.  So that was nice.

My development textbook says theory of mind is in the 3 to 4 year range.  They go through a phase where they have enough theory of mind to try and get away with a lie, but don’t have enough to know it will be obvious that they are lying.  I read this, realize my children pretty much never lie, and don’t mind the ASD quite so much.

May 6, 2014 He is a lot more amorphously verbal than 6 months ago, so who knows.  He’s also a lot more affectionate since he started preschool.  He’s always been good natured and cheerful, but he hugs back now.

5/25/14 Yesterday Cedar held his arms up to me, as if asking to be picked up.  That was the first time I recall him doing that, and it’s very encouraging.  His chatter seems to involve more words and phrases lately, like thank you and goodbye.  Still putting function ahead of form, though – that is his words he does say tend not to be concrete nouns.  He may have said “tricia” last week, which was really sweet if somewhat random.

At preschool they said he doesn’t see to need year round schooling, though the pediatrician was worried about him regressing over the summer.  We’ll just have to try and do some enrichment activities like going to the park regularly and seeing if we can teach him some sign.