2015 Q3

Cedar now “Louie Louie”s the entire Alphabet song.  (That is, he doesn’t really know the words, but he does the tune with some likely sounding vowels).  We didn’t mean for him to learn that, we’re supposed to be working on functional communication.  But we had a friend visit for the weekend and she sang it with him enough times for it to stick, apparently.

There are a few songs it turns out Cedar knows once I recognize he’s singing them.  “Wheels on the bus”, “Ring around the rosie” and “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam” and a few from signing time.

One thing I think goes on with Cedar is he finds different things relevant from us.

But he is signing colors now, which is pretty exciting since it involves making some of the alphabet hand shapes.  And last week I was talking to him about a toy, and said it had colors, and he named the colors in the toy accurately.  I am hopeful this means he has an understanding of what a category is.  I can’t wait for the preschool folks to see all he’s done this summer.  If he’ll do it, of course.  If he’s not comfortable in an environment (like church) he acts like he used to in January.

I just turned on a video which was muted for a bit, and Cedar may have read “Thank you” on the screen.  Or maybe spacepook had him watch Dinosaur Train more than I was aware back when she used to watch him.  Over a year ago.

Cedar brought me a pillow when I stretched out on the couch the other day.  And yesterday he pointed to show he really wanted something.  Though he didn’t point at what he wanted, really, just kind of used it as a gesture indicating urgency, I think.

Spells his name.  Doesn’t say Mama.

This morning he was singing along to Love me like you do.  Just a little.  Freaked us out, though.