2015 Q4

Cedar went through a cute phase of saying and signing peach.  Now he’s repeating things like eggs, donut and ‘izza.

It’s like Cedar knows English about as well as I know a few foreign languages.  I went through a phrasebook audio this month, and I can repeat things and understand carefully pronounced things, but when asked to produce something I kind of freeze.  I’ve spent years in these languages but they still confound me.  But maybe it’s me as well.  My sister says I didn’t talk much until I was 5.

Cedar’s song of the week is Row, Row, Row your boat.
He is saying ice meaningfully too, which is one of his favorite things.

New this week was repeating his sister saying “Oh, shoot!” which made us forget what was wrong and start praising him.  He also repeated “poopy” and “diaper”.  And sometimes he says what seems to be “Bye, mom”.  But he usually says it several times if he’s going to say it.  He’s getting really good at saying cheese, too.

Yesterday Cedar identified an airplane and goldfish.  He has also been singing twinkle twinkle, more the tune than recognizable words, though.

Cedar is now saying things to get things (as opposed to repeating after models).  He also repeated tiger and peacock at the zoo.  Of course there were many more animals besides those that we pointed out to him but you take what you can get.