2016 Q1

Cheese, eggs, ice cream, pizza, cookies.  He is saying hungry and careful quite often, too.

This week he’s been repeating more and more things, especially multiple word phrases like car cart.  He says (and signs) “stop and go” which is one of the songs on Potty Time, which he’s really excited about (a potty themed episode by Signing Time).  And last night when I was getting him ready for bed he said “nigh nigh” several times.  It feels like he’s really picking up steam.

This week we have zizzo (zero) fistbump, and today he started crying and grabbed my hand to wipe his tears which was weird but cute.

Feb 6: this week I thought he signed and said mom, so I signed and said mom, and he signed and said dada.  He will do the dada part pretty reliably now.  I guess another thing he’s added is saying “I see you” after peekaboo.  But it’s more like “zz zzz zzz see you!”

Feb 12:  He’s saying things he sees on videos without being prompted.  I suppose it bears mentioning, I put the video on so we could use our keyboards because he’s occupying them to type numbers as he says them, which is great but a little counterproductive for our modern lifestyle.

Worthy of a fresh reply:  Cedar is saying “five” with some sort of bilabial consonant at the front.  It’s kind of an unaspirated p, but we wondered if he was going to say haaah forever.  Six, I think, is also stopped being multisyllabic.

Feb 28: he signed sorry last night, which I thought was really cute.  He also does hurt, but he does the whole routine from the video showing his head and stomach.  I think he’s probably close a 200 word vocab, which is usual for age 2 (he’ll be 5 in March).

3/7: Thank you with sign.  Water, milk, toast but these are just CV.  There was one I forgot and then I remembered when I was backing out the car and now I’ve forgotten again.  I really hate that I can remember what I was doing when I remembered the word but not what the word was.

3/14: signed potty and said something along those lines\
3/15 signed and said book.

The signing is interesting because he wasn’t really into signing time until a couple of months ago, he found the potty time DVD in the basement and wanted to watch it, and every since then he’s been pretty interested in all signing time videos.  And he’s started signing “my body is amazing” in church a couple of times, though you can’t really make it out if you don’t know what he’s doing, which is perhaps fortunate.  He also asks for Shee shee, which seems to be Shaun the Sheep.

3/21 Soda.  I guess that settles what our family calls that.