2016 Q2

4/4 help, bear (including signs) and count.

4/9 popcorn (just saying, but very cute). He was naming a lot of letters last night, previous I’d only seen him reliable with is own name. Signing “wash hands” but not saying it too good. And I just saw on signing time (after he went to bed) that he’s signed wash clothes a number of times but I haven’t understood him

4/11 truck, something resembling “aaron burr” (because we were eating cookies with milk and the kids were saying “aawon buww”) and possibly “omigosh”. Now he’s trying to whistle.
4/16 watermelon, which was fun because later at a potluck he got some. He also read P.E. off my screen.

5/19: a couple of weeks ago he said “Rudy, get down now” after I said “Let’s go now”. It’s interesting because it was a few words, and not from a video. He was saying “touch” very clearly, which was a good CVCC type thing. Today I thought of words he know involved most alphabet sounds, though his F isn’t too good.

6/2: Using some two word phrases, like vitamin C and chocolate milk.

5/29 Cedar bowed his head and closed his eyes during prayers at church. I guess I wasn’t. 😉

6/6/16 This week: more juice and “sumpin” which is an analysis of “spin”. He used to just say “bin” but hopefully it will congeal like “six” did. He’s also saying smething like tinkle, relevant to toilet training. He has said “mom” a few times as part of the phrase “mom and dad”. He signs about 75% of the words he says, not including numbers


Cedar says mom, dad and something mysterious after. It turns out to be a movie line from Inside out.

June 17, 2016
Something new this week is Cedar making a fanfare sound.  Like “Ba da ba BAH!” at the end of a game.

I got him a couple of new pinwheels this week and his pronunciation of “spin” is improving (used to be ‘bin, then suubin, and now more like s’pin.) P.S. And the next day, “spin”!

June 22, 2016

“more soda”, “more pizza”, “goodbye”.  Very exciting to see him use adjectives functionally.

June 26, 2016

Today I asked Cedar if he wanted egg toast (french toast) and he said “Okay”.

June 28, 2016

“Seeyoulater”.  It’s funny how he’ll break up a word like six or spin (which he eventually got over) but smear a 4 syllable phrase into 2 syllables.