2016 Q3

7/23  Cedar is doing a lot of repeating various stuff.  I came up from my office (I started a new job telecommuting 7/5) and said “Hi guys” and he said “Hi Guys” clear as a bell.   Yesterday he said Fie! fie!  so finally I repeated him, and he ran to a toy helicopter and pressed the button and it said “Fire! Fire!”  As I mentioned on facebook recently, it’s like he’s doing ABA on me.  Mostly he wants me to say “spin”.  He’ll say it a few times, and wait until I say it, then go spin something.

8/19 this morning he’s saying vacuum and washchloth, which are not items we use every day.  (or every month, really).  Maybe they’re on “Helping out around the house” but we don’t watch that a lot either.  So it’s interesting he’s saying them.

9/10 Cedar is saying “more” a lot now.  More dogs = hot dogs, more toast, more water.  Never really got into signing it, but he does sign water with more water (by which he means lemonade).  And he’s still doing pretty well with repeating various things.  I do sometimes still wonder if he could use a clinical ear clean out but it would probably involve knocking him out and my husband isn’t up for that.