2016 Q4

Cedar can write his alphabet!  I mean, some of the letters are a little murky, but he’s got the directions right for his b, d, p and q so that’s pretty exciting.

11/19 About a month ago Cedar started having more 2 phrase sentences. “I poopoo”, “More ______”
Today he said “green means go” and “red means stop”
He’s also naming a variety of letters he sees in the environment.

11/27 Today we had a home teacher from church and Cedar said “Say prayer!”  I think he probably has before, but it was when we say prayers at night, this was an interesting application that only comes up now and then.

12/26 He sings (and points) head shoulders knees and toes (incl eyes ears mouth and nose). Also, there was a verse from picture day 1, 2, eyes on you, and he says “1, 2, eyes on me” which is a promising overcorrection. And just in the realm of random funny, he associates snakes with saying Happy Birthday for some reason. He has a snake stuffed animal and several people got tangles for Christmas which he thinks are snake like. It’s also possible that he thinks my name is “good morning”.

12/28 He also says “hey” whenever I turn on my computer, possibly he sees the word “hey” relative to the cortana feature, which I don’t think he’s necessarily seen me use. So maybe he reads “hey”. Or knows it from Arthur. He’s also been saying xbox and banana with charming precision. Today was the first time I heard him say blanket.