2017 Q1

Jan 1
Cedar got some magnetic tangrams and he seemed to be saying “red go over, blue go down, green go stop, yellow go up”. This is exciting because he’s using prepositions in a categorical way, and a noun verb + sentence, and they are his own constructions not repetition of something I’ve said. He has been doing a lot of 2 word repetitions lately, which is also hopeful.

1/7 Cedar asked for “Finding Dory” by saying “more fish?” And handing me the box. Earlier he showed me to run the washer, and shushed with his finger and said “quiet”. I think these are interesting because he is using language to express his desires.

I just said “see you later” and Cedar said “stay here.” I thought that was just phenomenal. Last weekend he listed several food items and said “snack”. And the he’s being saying “food” as well. This is encouraging to me because I think it shows categorization.

Last night Cedar led me to his room. He has half of a bunk bed with large holes drilled the the posts for the other half. He pointed to one of the posts and said “get it out”. There was a prized toy stuck inside. This utterance was very exciting because I have no idea where he got it from and it has 3 words, a verb, a pronoun and a preposition. “Stay here” which he said yesterday, is something we often say when we are leaving the house. “[Cedar], stay here.” But I don’t think we use “get it out” systematically with him.

My mom was saying goodbye to Cedar and said “I love you” and he said “love you” and then “love you too!”

Cedar was acting out a fairly complete recitation of a social game on one of his DVDs, where two critters play hide the acorn, complete with getting warmer and clapping hands.

3/2  This morning Cedar was curled up on the couch crying and saying “I’m sorry, so sorry” which is a thing he sometimes does.  So I said “I’ll get you a bath, OK?”  and he said “OK”.  Just like a person.  [I sometimes wonder if he picked up saying sorry so much from Imagine Dragon’s Smoke and Mirrors albumn].