2017 Q3

6/1 Cedar climbed on something and I say Cedar get down . Cedar says NO!!! [I haven’t seen a lot else of this]

6/6 Cedar is singing the success montage music from Ratatouille.  [he hasn’t watched this much lately {sept} because soon after he started expressing preference for which movie to watch, some by name]

6/15 Turns out Cedar likes the Bolt preview so much because Rhino runs around in a “marble” [thank goodness this phase ended]

6/19 Cedar is using Xbox controllers and a mouse now!  (also balanced a tablet playing marble blast on youtube on the accessory moulding near the ceiling)

8/5 Hekka: Oh no . Cedar just said ” thanks babe after I gave him a cheese stick for breakfast. Why cedar he is too young .

8/17 Cedars Xbox achievements include playing through the trial levels of marble blast and infinite fall loops in Portal.

8/27 Cedar prefers “musical” films, so Moana over Cars. Though he likes “Unforgettable” enough to prefer Finding Dory.  He loves the coloratura. Just wanted to preserve this. This group has kind of replaced my “language acquisition” blog. Well, it was a page series on a blog. Anyway, He also repeated Sony remote and LG remote yesterday. I was trying to teach him the difference. Which he kind of knows. I’m just trying to teach him how to fetch me the right remote. (which is always for something he wants to do).

Going back to January, he was doing the colors and prepositions at Bear lake on labor day and it seems to me they relate to the ABXY buttons on the x box controller.

9/10 There’s gotta be something to autosegmental phonology and the way Cedar says “scriptures” with 5 syllables. It’s something like /geshibuturbers/ [for a while he was saying Gyroccoptr with 3 syllables and then he was saying gyyyrocopter with 6 syllables.]

9/19 Things Cedar does or doesn’t do: He doesn’t eat all the erasers off the mechanical pencils anymore
He doesn’t say “Hi Honey” which I kind of miss.
He stopped saying “I’m sorry” really dramatically, which is just fine. [He does sing “you’re welcome” and “dead soon” if you sing the pickup from Moana]

9/25 Cedar picked up the word “parents” from Finding Dory (when he was first saying it, it rhymed with orange) and this morning he said it about the eraser on Color Crew.

9/30 Cedar can draw a star now, which was huge for me.  He used to draw a moon and then have me draw 5 stars around it.