Mental Health (Biological)

What is Mental Health, biologically speaking?
-An interplay of systems

Our body has several systems.  While the nervous system is one part of that, we could also draw an analogy between body systems and the systems of the brain.

The gastrointestinal system brings in energy and metabolizes it, much like our senses bring in information.

We have reproductive systems that allow us to connect and share genetic material.  Some argue that this is the fundamental purpose behind our social and language capacities.

Our connective tissues (skin, fat, bone, even blood) store energy and minerals, and our brain has storage in memories.  Interestingly, this storage seems to be distributed all over the brain in a similar fashion to connective tissues

The vitality of the body is ultimately determined in cardiac functions, likewise the brain operates with a constant flow of attention and consciousness, which has been described by some as having bandwidth.

Finally, our brain has a brain, an executive control center whose function is critical


Some body systems have characteristic and limited structures like the respiratory system.  Others go all over the body (such as muscles).  Some brain activities are constituted particular structures like the limbic ring that governs emotion, or the brainstem that governs involuntary survival functions.  Other activities are characterized more by substances